Friday, 18 November 2016

Australia Real Estate Report

Commercial real estate in Australia has weathered external headwinds from a slowdown in China, global economic uncertainty, and a fall commodities prices. This can be attributed to the influx of foreign investment into prime assets that has kept prices buoyant and rental rates comparatively high. However, the surge of acquisitions from foreign investors has led to falling capitalization rates, primarily influenced by a lack of supply. The current investment climate presents opportunities over 2017, with particular prospects for property managers.

As the construction pipeline is controlled and regulated heavily, new developments will be limited over the coming 12 months, seeing little activity in the Brisbane market as a result. The predominantly industrial market in Perth looks to come under pressure from falling oil prices, which affects exports considerably, and will hence see a fall in demand for industrial real estate units.

So, over all this is a bit serious time for all the people, who had the desire to buy and who wanted to make property. However, it can't be predicted what can happen next but yes, possibly the dark clouds may clear the sky soon.

But if the things looked clearly, the elected president of America is the major tension as he is an incorrigible person and actually unpredictable. Hence, it is impossible for the analysts also to tell something about the real estate condition in any place of Australia.

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