Friday, 27 January 2017

Special Security tips for women living alone as tenants

When it comes to the investment in the property we all worry about several things. From the cost of the amenities and to security these are some of our basic concern topics. Security by far is an important issue that is needed to be fulfilled by the landlords for their tenants.

Or the tenants must make sure about the security of the place before moving in, regardless of the gender. But, a woman has always been under a constant threat of some bizarre crimes, there are some points to be kept in mind.

·        Check for the neighbourhood for any occurrences of suspicious activities in the past days, months or years. You can also take help of the local authorities and police to get the exact crime report of the place before moving in.

·        Make sure the public transport is under your access. The location of your tenanted house must be close to some public transit route. This is to ensure your safety in emergency conditions.

·        Hiring somebody from the security staff will be a great idea. Make sure to invest in a good security firm and check all sorts of verifications.

·        Make sure to check for any other equipment such as CCTV camera, video recorders or any other security alarm can be placed or fixed in your house. You can always demand all these services to your landlord before signing the agreement papers.

·        Keep a list of all the emergency number handy.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Renting How to find the best real estate agent?

When it comes to renting, we do pretty much everything regarding the research about the tenants, and we even take care of our responsibilities as landlords. But, is that pretty much it? Well, NO! Well, you may get a sweet, nice and reliable tenant by just following these steps by not always. There is one link that is missing from the perfect solution while you are renting your property to a tenant. And that missing link is, ‘finding the best real estate agent’.

It is difficult for a landlord to handle everything and to stay on the top of all the duties associated with the renting procedure. Finding a knowledgeable real estate agent that is capable of assisting you with the renting process is always a good option. So, how do you choose the best real estate agent?  Well, here are a few points to consider.

·       Experience
Make sure to enquire about the experience that the real estate agent have. Ask about all of their previous proposals that have been made by individuals looking for renting their property. This will enable to judge the real estate agency better.

·       What happened if you run into some problems with the tenants?
Make sure to ask about each perspective regarding such matter with your agent. Will he have any involvement in matters involving law and jurisdiction?

·       Ask about the number of properties the real estate agent handles at a time, to get the idea of his competence.

·        What criteria’s do these real estate agents follow while they pick you the best tenants for your property? This will ensure that things won’t go messy in between you and the tenants in the later stages of the tenancy.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Marketing and advertising strategy while looking for tenants

Ever wondered about the properties that are taken away in a few moments as compared to the ones that are kept on the market for long periods of vacancy? In most of the cases, this can be explained by the marketing and advertising strategy you employ to attract the tenants. We’ll crack down some important points on how to craft a marketing and advertising strategy. Here we go;

There are several key factors and features that any good advertising plan should address to, here are some of them.'

·        The best and peculiar features of your property must be highlighted
·        All the essential amenities offered must be mentioned
·        Location of the property
·        And the features or the ‘places related to the location’ are to be given the limelight
·        The charges of the rent
·        Any issues or objections with the property must be described
·        The number of open inspections to hold
·        Agreement period and time of inspections

These are some of the basic points that can be taken care of while planning for successful marketing and advertising strategy while renting your property.

The most successful advertising campaigns are utilising a variety of different mediums for marketing and advertising purposes. You can pick from the below-mentioned mediums for yours too;
·        Online classified adverts
·        Brochures
·        Newspapers
·        Hoardings
·        Banners
·        Television ads
·        Online property listings on websites and social media platform
·        Client database and agency rental lists
·        Publications
·        And a word of mouth advertising

Alongside, a good property management company will have strategic relationships that they can employ for your property too.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Responsibilities of Landlords during the tenancy

Well, are all planned for renting your property to some tenants after you’ve bought a humongous villa? Hold on a second and take a look at the things that you must take into consideration, so as to make your experience easy with your new tenants.

Let’s just admit the fact that we, as landlords are not much fond of the idea of renting our property to anybody just like that as we’ve all seen several cases where people often lend up in losses because of bad tenants. Well, tenant whether good or bad, as a landlord your responsibilities must be;

1.    You must issue receipts of rent payments until and unless the tenant is paying the amount directly to your account.

2.    Make sure to deal with all the repairs that are to be brought to your notice by the tenants. The urgent ones must be handled as soon as possible whereas the one’s that aren’t that urgent can be planned to be taken care of in a reasonable period. Note that, the tenant can sue you if he ends up hurting himself because something wasn’t repaired and was made under your notice.

3.    Pay for the council taxes and rates.

4.    You must give adequate notice before changing any rental charges. Rent may not be increased in fixed tenancy agreements.

5.    Allow the tenant to enjoy their privacy and use all sorts of facilities that are being provided by you according to the agreement.

6.    Also, handle all security issues carefully, including fitting all the external doors and windows with locks.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Know about your rights: Landlord Insurance

Most of the tenants are well behaved and are perfectly reliable. But there is always an inherent risk from the tenants to the landlord. There are many evident cases where tenants are seen leaving without paying their dues and even damage the property for no reason at all. All such types of issues lead to the development of some bizarre problems for the landlords.

This is where the landlord insurance comes into play. The landlord insurance in designed for the protection of your investment against the risks of renting your home to the tenants. Another great way of protecting your home against such issues is to hire some real estate agent. The real estate agent or the property manager are capable of foreseeing such issues and can monitor your tenants and then can communicate with them for you if any of such scenarios happens.

Make sure not to confuse the landlord insurance with the ‘property insurance’. The property insurance is solely meant to cover the damages that occur to the building itself. These damages that are covered by the ‘property insurance’ maybe caused due to namely, flooding, fire, earthquake, and other natural disasters only.

There are some insurances plans made for the landlord namely, home and contents insurance. Home insurance makes sure to cover all the damages that occur because of the natural disasters alongside the damages that have been made by the tenants also. Although such types of insurances are often good if you want to get the damaged items replaced, it doesn’t take care of you during the process of the repair or the replacement. So choose wisely!

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Where to invest and how much to invest in the New Year? What should be the tactics for the New Year?

Hello friends,

I am here again, to tell you all about few things regarding the real estate tactics for the New Year. As you all know the year 2016 is about to end within sometime and this year we all have seen various sorts of auctions in Australia, we have seen the high and the low time in the real estate market; also we have seen many times that the buyers are crazy to buy the house but they are unable to manage money.

In my previous posts, I have talked about many things, so as the year is ending I would like summon all the things and would like share my views regarding the real estate strategies.

See, first of first, if you are planning to buy a house, then it would be a very bad idea to go for buying it alone as one takes more than the sufficient time to save the money and buy a house. So, try to go for buying the house with your partner. Second, try to find the house near the most profitable suburb, because if the price of the suburb increases, your investment will be double soon.

Third, hire an agent, when you decide to buy a house or want to go rent option, the agents can aid you in this better than anyone. And lastly, I would like to wish you all,  A Very Happy New Year.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Home values probably would be keep rising as rental yields tighten

If you look towards the two other cities – Adelaide (0.7%) and Darwin (0.3%) – these are recorded as in terms of the growth in the home values, while the beautiful city Melbourne and Brisbane were totally flat during the cool and hot month of August. Australia’s other capital cities have also recorded a month-on-month fall up to 1.7%.

The CoreLogic RP Data Home August Value Index has showed more and more encouraging growth the rates for the rolling quarters.

The CoreLogic RP Data head of research, Mr. Tim Lawless said, “the quarterly figures show how strong the housing market has been in the past three months, with a growth rate of 5.3% across Australia’s combined capital cities.”

“Both cities (Sydney and Melbourne) have seen dwelling values trend substantially higher than other capitals, where the third highest growth rate over the three month period was Brisbane, which showed an increase in values of 2.2%,” Lawless said.

“While the three largest capital cities, together with Hobart, have all recorded growth in dwelling values over the past three months, half the nation’s capital cities have recorded a fall in values.

“Darwin recorded the most substantial decline in values with a fall of 3.2% over the three month period, while Perth values were down by 1.5 per cent, Canberra values were 0.8% lower and Adelaide values are slightly lower, at 0.1%.”

So, you all can see in the better way which city option is good for you as the data has revealed many things.