Monday, 16 January 2017

Marketing and advertising strategy while looking for tenants

Ever wondered about the properties that are taken away in a few moments as compared to the ones that are kept on the market for long periods of vacancy? In most of the cases, this can be explained by the marketing and advertising strategy you employ to attract the tenants. We’ll crack down some important points on how to craft a marketing and advertising strategy. Here we go;

There are several key factors and features that any good advertising plan should address to, here are some of them.'

·        The best and peculiar features of your property must be highlighted
·        All the essential amenities offered must be mentioned
·        Location of the property
·        And the features or the ‘places related to the location’ are to be given the limelight
·        The charges of the rent
·        Any issues or objections with the property must be described
·        The number of open inspections to hold
·        Agreement period and time of inspections

These are some of the basic points that can be taken care of while planning for successful marketing and advertising strategy while renting your property.

The most successful advertising campaigns are utilising a variety of different mediums for marketing and advertising purposes. You can pick from the below-mentioned mediums for yours too;
·        Online classified adverts
·        Brochures
·        Newspapers
·        Hoardings
·        Banners
·        Television ads
·        Online property listings on websites and social media platform
·        Client database and agency rental lists
·        Publications
·        And a word of mouth advertising

Alongside, a good property management company will have strategic relationships that they can employ for your property too.

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