Friday, 27 January 2017

Special Security tips for women living alone as tenants

When it comes to the investment in the property we all worry about several things. From the cost of the amenities and to security these are some of our basic concern topics. Security by far is an important issue that is needed to be fulfilled by the landlords for their tenants.

Or the tenants must make sure about the security of the place before moving in, regardless of the gender. But, a woman has always been under a constant threat of some bizarre crimes, there are some points to be kept in mind.

·        Check for the neighbourhood for any occurrences of suspicious activities in the past days, months or years. You can also take help of the local authorities and police to get the exact crime report of the place before moving in.

·        Make sure the public transport is under your access. The location of your tenanted house must be close to some public transit route. This is to ensure your safety in emergency conditions.

·        Hiring somebody from the security staff will be a great idea. Make sure to invest in a good security firm and check all sorts of verifications.

·        Make sure to check for any other equipment such as CCTV camera, video recorders or any other security alarm can be placed or fixed in your house. You can always demand all these services to your landlord before signing the agreement papers.

·        Keep a list of all the emergency number handy.

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