Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Responsibilities of Landlords during the tenancy

Well, are all planned for renting your property to some tenants after you’ve bought a humongous villa? Hold on a second and take a look at the things that you must take into consideration, so as to make your experience easy with your new tenants.

Let’s just admit the fact that we, as landlords are not much fond of the idea of renting our property to anybody just like that as we’ve all seen several cases where people often lend up in losses because of bad tenants. Well, tenant whether good or bad, as a landlord your responsibilities must be;

1.    You must issue receipts of rent payments until and unless the tenant is paying the amount directly to your account.

2.    Make sure to deal with all the repairs that are to be brought to your notice by the tenants. The urgent ones must be handled as soon as possible whereas the one’s that aren’t that urgent can be planned to be taken care of in a reasonable period. Note that, the tenant can sue you if he ends up hurting himself because something wasn’t repaired and was made under your notice.

3.    Pay for the council taxes and rates.

4.    You must give adequate notice before changing any rental charges. Rent may not be increased in fixed tenancy agreements.

5.    Allow the tenant to enjoy their privacy and use all sorts of facilities that are being provided by you according to the agreement.

6.    Also, handle all security issues carefully, including fitting all the external doors and windows with locks.

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