Saturday, 31 December 2016

Where to invest and how much to invest in the New Year? What should be the tactics for the New Year?

Hello friends,

I am here again, to tell you all about few things regarding the real estate tactics for the New Year. As you all know the year 2016 is about to end within sometime and this year we all have seen various sorts of auctions in Australia, we have seen the high and the low time in the real estate market; also we have seen many times that the buyers are crazy to buy the house but they are unable to manage money.

In my previous posts, I have talked about many things, so as the year is ending I would like summon all the things and would like share my views regarding the real estate strategies.

See, first of first, if you are planning to buy a house, then it would be a very bad idea to go for buying it alone as one takes more than the sufficient time to save the money and buy a house. So, try to go for buying the house with your partner. Second, try to find the house near the most profitable suburb, because if the price of the suburb increases, your investment will be double soon.

Third, hire an agent, when you decide to buy a house or want to go rent option, the agents can aid you in this better than anyone. And lastly, I would like to wish you all,  A Very Happy New Year.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Home values probably would be keep rising as rental yields tighten

If you look towards the two other cities – Adelaide (0.7%) and Darwin (0.3%) – these are recorded as in terms of the growth in the home values, while the beautiful city Melbourne and Brisbane were totally flat during the cool and hot month of August. Australia’s other capital cities have also recorded a month-on-month fall up to 1.7%.

The CoreLogic RP Data Home August Value Index has showed more and more encouraging growth the rates for the rolling quarters.

The CoreLogic RP Data head of research, Mr. Tim Lawless said, “the quarterly figures show how strong the housing market has been in the past three months, with a growth rate of 5.3% across Australia’s combined capital cities.”

“Both cities (Sydney and Melbourne) have seen dwelling values trend substantially higher than other capitals, where the third highest growth rate over the three month period was Brisbane, which showed an increase in values of 2.2%,” Lawless said.

“While the three largest capital cities, together with Hobart, have all recorded growth in dwelling values over the past three months, half the nation’s capital cities have recorded a fall in values.

“Darwin recorded the most substantial decline in values with a fall of 3.2% over the three month period, while Perth values were down by 1.5 per cent, Canberra values were 0.8% lower and Adelaide values are slightly lower, at 0.1%.”

So, you all can see in the better way which city option is good for you as the data has revealed many things.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Want to invest in a house? This is month of auctions... so, what’s your planning

Just start your planning in this weekend along the coast, as there are two auctions slated and more than 100 open homes are just enlisted.
This is truly an exciting land opportunity for everyone and in Leopold is just all set to go under the hammer at 11am on the very good day of weekend and it is Saturday.
There is a very good opportunity as the 629sq m area of the land at 89 Hillclimb Dr is just in the established firth estate and has flawless views across Geelong region and over the beautiful bay to the You Yangs.
The selling agent named Levi Turner, of the Bellarine Property, and also the Barwon Heads, said that price expectations were just in the mid-$200,000s.
This area of the land renders the particular potential to build a very beautiful dream home.
A very well-maintained gorgeous three-bedroom house is just slated for the auction at 11am on Saturday.
The other selling agent named Mark Mitchell, who is of One Agency that’s named Grovedale, said that the price expectations for the 4 Parrakoola Dr, Clifton Springs were from high notion -$200,000s to the low notion-$300,000s.
There is a property, which is primed for that major redevelopment is already open for the inspection at 1.45pm on Saturday.
It is located at 56 Lake Ave, Ocean Grove; the whole area is 1100sq m and the property has dual street frontages and the house has the potential to be renovated.
So, what is your planning?

Saturday, 10 December 2016

What is actually called as the high demand of the department? Let’s hear about that straight from the horse mouth

Nowadays, the people, who are aware with some facts says that the NBN network connectivity is now the major factor, when it comes to the people choose that where they want to live.

The REA Group data has found that the most searched-for suburbs for the new apartments in the every state on are the almost universally connected to the NBN network.

Julian Nachmias, who is the NBN General Manager of Build Partnerships, says that for the buyers of new apartments, just access to the NBN network has become a very non-negotiable thing.

“For the first time we’re starting to see people actually walk into a sales display office and ask the question: has this got high-speed broadband or the nbn network available here? Because they know once they move into their home, if everyone’s going to be happy they need to have high-speed broadband,” Nachmias said.

“We’ve done a lot of surveys and one of those surveys found that 80% of buyers say that a reliable broadband connection is a key consideration when searching for a property. A few years ago you wouldn’t have seen that all that much.” Nachmias added.

“We’re seeing that about 65% of home buyers would consider negotiating a lower price if they can’t get the broadband that they need. They’re seeing it as almost like a detractor – if I’m going to buy this new property and it’s not going to have high-speed broadband, then why on earth am I paying this price?” Nachmias further added.

So, as we can see how Nachmias has thrown lights on the issues. What do you all think about it?

Friday, 2 December 2016

New South Wales real estate

IT’S not just the top-end harbor front  homes setting records across Sydney during the just-completed blockbuster spring sales season, with stellar prices paid in suburbs as far from the water as Raby and Mt Annan. Sydney’s annual price growth is now 13per cent higher than the same time last year, according to the latest­ Core Logic data. While waterfront homes still maintain a certain cache, they don’t necessarily need to be overlooking Sydney Harbor to attract top dollar. A six-bedroom, four-level home complete with boating facilities on Kogarah Bay smashed the Sans Souci record by more than $3 million when it sold last month for $9.105 million. In nearby Kyle Bay, a five-bedroom home set the non-waterfront record for that suburb at $3.78 million. In Strathy field the sales ­record was equaled and then blown out of the water in just two months. A four-bedroom Newton Rd home sold for $6.8 million in August and then, just weeks later, an eight-­bedroom Allandale Ave manor sold for $7.3 million. Bellerose agents are expecting a record to be broken with the listing of Kameraigal, which has a price guide of$8.75 million. Mt Annan recorded its first $1 million-plus sale with a six-bedroom home plus granny flat opposite the ­botanic gardens fetching $1.07 million last month. And a grand residence in Raby fetched$1.36 million, after last selling in 1986 for just $64,000.Of course Altona, one of Sydney’s most iconic trophy homes, beat its own record of $52 million set in 2013 when it sold again recently for $60 million-plus.