Saturday, 10 December 2016

What is actually called as the high demand of the department? Let’s hear about that straight from the horse mouth

Nowadays, the people, who are aware with some facts says that the NBN network connectivity is now the major factor, when it comes to the people choose that where they want to live.

The REA Group data has found that the most searched-for suburbs for the new apartments in the every state on are the almost universally connected to the NBN network.

Julian Nachmias, who is the NBN General Manager of Build Partnerships, says that for the buyers of new apartments, just access to the NBN network has become a very non-negotiable thing.

“For the first time we’re starting to see people actually walk into a sales display office and ask the question: has this got high-speed broadband or the nbn network available here? Because they know once they move into their home, if everyone’s going to be happy they need to have high-speed broadband,” Nachmias said.

“We’ve done a lot of surveys and one of those surveys found that 80% of buyers say that a reliable broadband connection is a key consideration when searching for a property. A few years ago you wouldn’t have seen that all that much.” Nachmias added.

“We’re seeing that about 65% of home buyers would consider negotiating a lower price if they can’t get the broadband that they need. They’re seeing it as almost like a detractor – if I’m going to buy this new property and it’s not going to have high-speed broadband, then why on earth am I paying this price?” Nachmias further added.

So, as we can see how Nachmias has thrown lights on the issues. What do you all think about it?

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