Sunday, 21 August 2016

Home Ownership Advisor and Their Role

Homeownership advisors are of highest quality, certified, trained homeownership professionals in the state. They provide families and people with the guidelines they need to make smart choices to attain their personal goals, whether purchasing a home, being financially stable and avoiding foreclosure.

What Homeownership advisor does to help buyers?
  • He helps you to determine if you are ready to purchase.
  • He helps you to calculate how many homes you can afford.
  • He reviews your credit report for you.
  • He provides information on existing mortgage loan programs.
  • He gets you connected to down payments and closing cost support.
  • He personalizes a plan to get you into homeownership.
  • He maintains and updates the customer records while and after every counseling period in customer tracking database, individual files, and comply with all guidelines for confidentiality of files and records.
  • He assists with organizing home buyer workshops including course content delivery and group facilitation.
  • He ensures that measures of quality control are followed and customer satisfaction should be a priority of counseling program.
  • He assists with the implementation and development of a complete outreach and marketing plan for recruiting partners and customers for the program.
  • He assists other employees with allotted special projects and tasks considered to operate a successful homeownership program.

The high-quality homebuyer counseling makes a difference in your long-term success. Informed customers are successful homeowners. The counseling provides you with personalized resources and information.  These homebuyer counselors are called Homeownership Advisors and they are members of the Homeownership Advisors Network.

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