Monday, 26 September 2016

5 cities in Australia that Provide a Friendly Atmosphere for Dogs

Thinking of moving out of the city for a change, but do not wish to leave behind your pup? Stop worrying about who you can trust to take care of your dog rather plan a holiday that both you and your pup can enjoy.

The following cities are best to plan your vacation along with your dog:

·       Sydney -The Surf Puppies Adventure Group in Sydney is an awesome way to enjoy exciting activities like involving in conservation efforts, canyoning and dogs are welcome too. There is a dog-friendly beach named Greenhills Beach along with certain friendly harbor beaches, lush lagoons, and secluded bays for your pet to splash about in.

·       Brisbane -There are about 120great dog-friendly beaches and off-leash parks for your canine friend to enjoy. Like Grey Gum and Booker Place have dog dexterity equipment so your pup can unleash his inner Crafts champion. Tuckeroo Park possesses a doggy swimming pool, a dog adventure park, and a dog obstacle course.

·       Adelaide -Adelaide has certain great pup friendly beaches, like Moana Beach. The North Adelaide Dog Park is divided into 2 zones, one for small dogs and one for big dogs, so it is perfect for socializing nervous dogs.

·       Hobart –Knocklofty Reserve is a beautiful natural park five minutes from the city. A very good dog-friendly community walk here daily. Dog poop bags dispensers and bins are placed at the entry points.

·       Noosa Heads (Hervey Bay) -Burrum Heads is a 30 min from Hervey bay. Dogs are allowed in Lions Park on a leash. Adjoining beach is suitable for pups off the leash.Poop clean up bins are there near the Lions park sign.
Once in a while visit these cities with your dog.

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