Thursday, 15 September 2016

Leadership principles that may help Real Estate Wholesalers

Leadership, essentially, is an influence. A wholesaler is the influencer in his/her respective Real estate area. Years of experience are enough to mark out a few principles which are enlisted here:

1. Being sensational
If you had to choose between getting a case of vintage wine and a carton full of beer for free, what would be your take? If you don’t like the deliciously old luxury of high-quality wine, then definitely you would choose beer. But will you? Why? Quality, taste and luxury. Same words are used when you describe a successful real estate wholesaler. The quality of the property, the taste in choosing them, the level luxury in those. You and your team need to be all that. You should be the definition of awesome. Also, you need to be sensational and indispensable for your buyers. They should see you as a factor in their potential success. Influential, tasteful, trustworthy and stellar are the type of words that have to be associated with you and your team. Sell your idea to your team, make them function as a single entity. From text alerts to presentations, add a signature sparkle to your work and see bees buzzing around for business.

2. Honorable conduct
If honor was reserved for those of us who never erred, then none of us will be worthy.
- C.L.Wilson
 Honor is acknowledging greatness, with the flaws. As a leader, you need to encourage, cheer, motivate, help and honor wherever necessary. This is honorable conduct. Changing mindsets, sticking to the core values and aiming high instead of playing dirty. This is honorable conduct. Helping others to grow while evolving through the journey, that’s honorable conduct. This has to be you, the leader. It isn’t always about the big bucks, it’s about the reputation that outlasts you yourself.

3. Eyes at the goal you envision
Future is a mystery, but property business is as unpredictable as the next fish in the sea. But charting a plan is important anyway. You always have to plot the way achieve the next level. Make goals for the next month, how many deals do you want? Make achievable and tangible targets which a stress on steady elevation. How can you achieve these goals? What do you need to achieve those goals? Where do you envision your business to be? Chart that and pursue it with an unbending passion.

There is no shortcut to success, but there are certain sure shots to it. Implementing any set of solid principles have never led an organization astray. What you need is, efficient leadership, and that is a product of these pointers.

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